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College Management Systems

Infoage Technologies is a web application & software solution provider. Easy solutions for College Management Systems, Web-Based systems, document management and custom development needs. We provide complete online solution for college management. Our College management system provides a complete On-Line solution for your college administration. Student Fees Collection, Student Information, Scholarship Management are the main modules of our College Management Systems.

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College Management Software

Infoage Technologies offers a set of solutions for helping Colleges, Institutions, Universities, ensure the reliability, performance and accuracy of their critical enterprise packaged applications, even letting them monitor applications from the end-user's perspective.

System Requirements Management will have to provide basic infrastructure for successful installation of the proposed software as listed below Hardware Requirement One server (medium to high configuration in server series) of any band/company for central database. Network Requirement One 24-port LAN Switch to connect server and workstations on LAN.

Software Requirement Database – SQL Server 2000 Operating System – Window Server 2000 Dynamic and highly motivated, with a liberal & modern outlook on education and organization and a contemporary vision and working style, Educational Management are tying to Incorporate modern concepts, amenities & system to create a forward and vibrant institute, comparable with best & most modern in country.

As per our study in the education segment all education institute will require system to ensure fully automated process in each department and section of school, institute List below are the requirement of typical Educational Management Educational Management Would be able to manage student personal information, Education statistic and highlight achievement and awards. Student Would be able to have easy and convenient access to all the book and journal in the library via paper printer book or e-book, which can be accessed using internet Administrator department would be able to administer and ensure that all necessities of then student as well as the staff member are met and handled impromptu. New Admission Would be easy. Fee collection of the students is a cumbersome task and there would be a system in place to monitor the fee collection and report to the account department on regular basis. Transportation would be easy to mange own transport and report to the transportation department on regular basis The Hostel department would be easy mange the hostel and get the regular basis report To keep track of material stock in the Educational management there would be an inventory management system in place. Finally account department to manage, monitor and generate all account detail during the operation of Educational management

EMS is a comprehensive system that addresses all functional requirements that can be implement in operator of Educational management Below in figure encompasses of ten business modules, which scope the entire operational requirement of any Educational Management System

List below are the business of EMS

  • Admission & Academic
  • Profile & Personal Profile
  • Staff Profile
  • Attendance- [Staff]-[Student]
  • Library & Inventory Management
  • Transport Management
  • Time Table [Staff Schuler]
  • Fee collection & Accounting
  • Placement Management
  • Examination Management
  • Hostel

EMS Modules

As Depicted in the figure below, we have eight business modules in EMS and each business modules is independent in itself with respect to data capturing data processing and printing reports. Admission, Academic Profile, personal Profile The objective of module is to capture information with respect with various parameters that are required during setting up of Admission and process the captured data to churn out required results

Student Master

User can specify student detail like registration no, contact detail, family background guardian detail, student activates (in case the student is an old student of the Educational management), Scan the photo to the student throw by Photo captured

Student Category Master

User can configure the system with various categories of the student like general, defense student, and day scholar, boarding Student etc.


User can specify all detail required during admission like prospectus no. Student fresh/promoted class, stream admission basis seat, section last institute boarding Etc.

Course Master

User can specify the course like course like course name, duration, Session start date and end date, no. of semesters for which the course is defined, course fee other fee and course detail. User can also define course seat like no. of sets for each course, seat category stream etc (Science, commerce etc).

Class Master

User can specify the class name session start date and end start course for this class total seat of the class. Course for this class seat of the seat, total section of the class etc. user can also create student in each in each class and also subjects in that class.

Examination Master

User can define the examination for then class and the stream. Also specify exam start date, subject and the max and min marks of each

Subject Master

User can configure subject of each class and stream.

Seat category Master

User can specify the various categories for seats in the Educational Management Seat like open reserved, SC/ST management quota etc.

Grade Master

User can define the range of mark for each grade for ex. Grade ‘A’ Means min mark a 85% and max Mark as 100%

Student mark entry

User can prepare student mark sheet by specify the student name, class, section examination name, subject mark obtained and grace mark besides other information

Result Declaration

User can declare the result of each and also specify the next student class he/she will promote into along with the section detail. Also the student complete performance is visible, which includes if the result is fail or pass, which examinations and is the score in each subject of each exam that the student appeared for.

Staff Profile/Staff Master

User can specify staff personal detail like contact detail, previous job responsibilities in current role, salary detail and leave detail

Staff-I Card

User can specify identity card number staff name contact address and designation along with signing authority

Staff attendance

User can specify staff attendance mentioning no, of working days and total no. Of day in each month

Opening Leave

User can specify for each staff member opening leaves in each leave category

Leave Master

User can specify various leave categories along with information that the leave can be encased or not and if the leave can be cumulated or not

Leave Rules

User can specify leave rules indicating type of leave maximum limit allowed in month, allowed in session etc.

Leave Application

User can apply for leave mentioning staff member detail like department designation etc. no of leave mentioning apply for and other leave detail like leave start date end date available leave etc.

Leave Management

User can maintain specified data to staff leave for which reason and each staff have how much leave in leave account

Pay Setup

User can specify the allowance in percentage mentioning percentage of DA PF and HRA along with limit of MPF and EPF.

Salary sheet

User can specify all the salary detail including allowance and deductions like income tax insurance, PF, loans etc.

Staff Loan/Advance

User can specify loan Detail obtained by any staff mentioning staff personal detail designation payment mode of loan to staff repayment amount per month by staff purpose of loan along with approving body information

Holiday Master

User can specify the holiday that the Educational management can have mentioning holiday description and date.

Subject Category

User can find for easily to Subject wise staff

Attendance- [Staff]-[Student]

The objective of modules is to capture information with respect with various parameters that are required during setting up of Attendance and process the captured data to churn out required results

Attendance register

User can create attendance register by specifying the month for which it has to be created

Staff Register

User can create Staff attendance register Per day. Staff register calculates attendance for salary sheet, lecture, leave department

Student Register

User can create Student attendance register Per day. Student register calculates attendance for student, how many lectures he attended, he is able in sitting in examination etc.

Hostel Register

User can create Student Hostel attendance register Per day.

Examination Register

User can create Examination attendance register for examination. User can calculates which student aspect in examination

Library & Inventory Management

The objective of modules is to capture information with respect with various parameters that are required during setting up of library and process the captured data to churn out required results

Book Master

User can specify book detail like book name, publisher, author, publishing year language total book in library no of books issued and no of book scraped along with vendor name last purchase date and amount

Book category Master

User can specify book categories like physics, chemistry, biology, math etc

Vendor Master

User can specify vendor details like name contact detail of vendor for each item category or them

Library Member

User can specify library member ‘details like if the member is a student or staff member ship date no of ticket allowed, number of ticket issued and member expiry date.

Book Bank Member

User can specify book bank id number students name class section ad others details along with no. Of book allowed.

Periodical master

User can specify periodicals name, distributor’s name. % of discount and date of discount

Publisher master

User can specify publisher name, distributor ‘name % of discount and date of discount.

Catalog card Entry

User can specify detail of each book, which has an accession number, and other detail likes booking title, authoring name page no. ISBN no class no and book no.

Book Requisition

User can make book requisition in the library by mentioning detail like department detail like department raise by, staff member raised by, total no of copies, mode of purchase purpose of requisition etc.

Book Receipt

User can specify vendor detail including vendor name, vendor bill number, and vendor challen number requisition along with the book procured mentioning qty received and unit price

Book Issue

User can specify the detail member requesting for book for book i.e. if the member is a library member or book bank member, class, section, membership no. Date issue; return on each book that the member gets issued from the library

Book Return

User can specify the member detail returning the book to the library like, member name, membership no. Return date no. Return date no of book, fine paid or not, if yes then the amount etc.

Periodical subscription

User can specify the periodical id, total subscription charge validity of the subscription and subscription number

Periodical attendance

User can specify periodical details like periodical name, number of copies date of receipt circulation type etc and subscription details like subscription number, valid from and valid etc.

Book Disposal

User can list the entire book disposed according to disposal date and disposal by. The list mentions all the details like booking name, accessioning number etc.

Gift/MIS Book

User can specify detail of book received as gift by mentioning detail like receipt number, received by book title no. Of copies received etc.

Book Binding Issue

User can specify book binding issue detail by mentioning issue number, issue date issued by, vendor name for each book along with its accession number.

Book Bind Return

User can specify book binding return detail mentioning book- bind issue no, return date issued by for each book that is returned. The module also provide various reports like list of book title wise and accession number wise, list of periodical, list of publishers, list of vendor detail, receipt detail book wise and book wise outstanding requisition detail, receipt detail book wise and vendor wise, issue detail student wise and staff wise library membership detail staff wise and student wise, book bank member, outstanding issue student wise and staff wise book detail periodical subscription detail periodical attendance, stock ledger of book ,stock reports of book, outstanding fine ,book binding issue and receipt list catalog card report etc.

Transport Management

The objective of this module is to capture information with respect to various parameters that are required during setting up of transport modules and process the capture data to churn out required results.

Vehicle Master

User can specify the vehicle Detail like, vehicle name, type, model, used by, purchase date, last pollution check detail and insurance details, etc.

Route Master

User can list the stops to specify a route of bus. Each bus will have stop detail indicating the no. of stops and Detail stop.

Contractor Master

User can specify vendor name that is contracted for providing transport to the Management by mentioning detail like contract start date and end date, absentee fine charge basis, total number of vehicles etc.

Vehicle Maintenance

User can maintain vehicle service details by mentioning vehicle detail along with last service date filled, name of petrol pump etc.

Diesel Log Book

User can specify diesel filled detail by mentioning vehicle RC no. date filled the diesel, Qty filled, name of petrol pump Etc.

Diesel Payment

User can specify voucher number, bill no bill amount and bill date for payment of diesel filled in each vehicle.

Vehicle playing log Book

User can maintain for each vehicle, detail like route taken, and start reading and end reading, time taken from start to end, total Kms run and other Details

Student conveyance Reimbursement

User can maintain student conveyance reimbursement detail by mentioning student detail like name class, section mode of transportation to or from Educational Management in case of bus breakdown or absentee of bus and other details This module also provides various reports like list of stop route wise list of vehicle; stop wise student report bus wise student report, diesel report diesel filling detail outstanding payment and vehicle maintenance

Time Table [Staff Schuler]

The objective of this module is to capture information with respect to various parameters that are required during setting up of Time Table modules and process the capture data to churn out required results

Subject Groups Master

User can create the subject throws by subject master in Under the Groups Room and define the subject in every semester and user can define the subject for every faculty member and set the room for particular subject

Time Setup

User can set the timing for a per day Schuler and get timing for each theory and Lab and interval in each period

Schuler Maker Master

Schuler Master work is making the Timetable for staff and student study to the stream and semester wise. User is given the information to subject master This module also provides various reports like list of Subject wise teacher list, slabs to semester wise, under groups subject management room to know subject wise

Fee collection & Accounting

The objective of these modules is to capture information with respect to various parameters that required during setting unto of fee collection modules and process the captured data to churn out requirement results

Fee Master

User can specify fee detail like type, fee amount for a student of each class and stream.

Fee Head

User can specify the various fee heads that the Educational management has like general fee entertainment fee, sport charge and other charge

Fee Collection

User can specify fee collection detail like student name, fee head for which the payment is being made, mode of payment, date of payment amount being paid vis-à-vis amount demanded etc.


User can specify all receipt detail, student detail and payment detail Payroll

Defaulter List

User can find the defaulter in second after collection day defaulter list master find the which student are not deposit the fee on fee date

Before Collection

User can get before the collection cash. Collector can know that which branch, stream, semester how much cash we have to collecting

After Collection

User can get after the collection cash and user can compare to collection report how many money we are collected and how much money we are collect

Single Statement

User can generate the statement of each student. User can watch the statement date wise and single statement generate the report all pay mode to given by student

Ledger Head Creator

In Account Using user can create the account under the head master.

Transaction Screen

Only one screen form to user can operate the whole accounting. Cash transaction, transfers transaction, cheque detail, and demand draft detail, student fee detail, balance detail of each type of account, some special effect in student Ledger

General Ledger

User was created the under GL group told general ledger. User can get every general Ledger statement after the transaction

Cheque register

User can maintain post-dated cheque register and after clear the cheque the register automatic did the work

Student Ledger

User can get student ledger statement. User can know that what payment is done by student which date how much balance

Cash Book

Cashbook is show to user that how much income and expenditure throw by cash

Day Book

User can maintain per cash register, cheque register, transfer register in on daybook

Transfer Book

User can maintain the every type of transfer to account

Fund Flow

User can maintain the cheque detail in fund register. Whole day user can received allots of cheque and issue the cheque so maintain the detail of summary

Cash Flow

User can maintain the cash detail in fund register. Whole day user can received allots of cash and issue the cash so maintain the detail of summary

Profit & Loss

User can maintain the per day profit and loss

Balance Sheet

User can maintain the per day balance sheet

Placement Management

The objective of these modules is to capture information with respect to various parameters that required during setting unto of Placement Management modules and process the captured data to churn out requirement results

Company Profile

User can maintain the company profile about company, company address, which type of category, phone no. User can maintain type of Placement Company or training company

Attend Master

User can maintain the records to student and company which student apply to which one company and each one student apply to how many company

Selection Master

User can maintain the record about company and student. Student was selected or not, which student was get qualify which round and single student is selected how many companies.

Tanning Master

User can record about the training companies; set the student will go which companies, which student drop the training, which student want to change the place of training

Remainder Maker

User can create the reminder throw by remainder machine

Working Note Pad

This is a special document-making pad for placement section .the important is pad user can save the document in database and create the file

Examination Management

The objective of these modules is to capture information with respect to various parameters that required during setting unto of Examination management modules and process the captured data to churn out requirement results

Resulted Maker

User can create the result just for little entry and user can generate the result and user can also generate the customization printing, back up paper new, back paper student, single statement, skim new, every semester register.

Exam Room Creator

User can create the examination sitting arrangement throw by exam room create. User can know which student are sitting in which room and which sit and which Line number.

Paper Setup

User can create the paper to any subject and user can create the both type of paper like subjective, objective papers.

Examination arranger

User can arrange the objective examination throw by examination arranger. User can arrange the paper more then 150 students in one time. User can hand to hand get the total attempt question, total wrong question, and total right answer and after finish all subjects user can distribute the mark sheet

Promotion Switch

Promotion switch works is the change the semester to the student and maintain the record of Previous semester record such as attendance, account, and subject information previous detail of personal profile, examination detail etc.

Hostel Management

The objective of this module is to capture information with respect to various parameters that are required during setting up of Hostel modules and process the capture data to churn out required results

Room Creator Master

User can specify the hostel are Creating and get the hostel structure as same like institute hostel Are Insert in serial no, name of hostel and number of fouler

Room Allotment Master

User can specify the list of student in room, room wise, which bad is empty, how many bad in hostel

Transfer Master

User can get how many students is transfer to his bad, which date, empty bad is filled

Leave Master

User can specify how many boy and girls leave the room in monthly, weekly This modules is also provide various reports to student wise, date wise, hostel bill no wise name wise student background wise that all report in hostel have

Special Mapping Module

The objective of these modules is to capture information of all modules. User can see view of management. The module is designing for specify the user can see the management to graphic analysis

Graphics Analysis

User can get the information to all departments to throw by graphic analysis. User can see the pi chart in the own management for example if user wants to see two, three-year and more account balance sheet together so user can see the throw by graphics analysis. Correspondence Working User can send anywhere the information to any departments. SMS Message and Mail is the latest sender method

Administration Room

User can create the users and give the department power throw by user creating and administrator Reporter is looking always to users working

Smart Information

Smart information is basically making for reception. It is a search engine for all departments. User can find out any department quires few second


Architecture option is making for society, groups, and university. It work is show to user that together working with or in case of wan power

Customization Detail

Education management system is ready solution for educational institutions in India .the product was built by survey a few Educational management operations but still there is possibility that the operation detail may differ from that available in this product. Which can be tailor-made to the institute requirements?


The software will be delivered on an electronic media with a specific security key, which will be valid for installation at Educational Management premises only. The same software CD cannot be used for repeat installation on some other system The installation will be conducted at Management premises. Adequate training will be provide to end user and system administrator Installation administrator and user manuals accompany the product

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