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Search Engine Submission

Search engine submission is a basic part of the success of your Web site! It refers to act of getting your website listed with search engines. Anyone can have a well designed web site, but without professional search engine submission the world will never know about their site, nobody will see their site and visit their site.

This is the process of submitting a website address or URL to a Search Engine for inclusion within its index so that it can be found when the relevant query is typed into the Search Engine. Search engines must be able to find out what your web site is all about. They need to find text and links on your web pages and they also need to find the keywords for which you want to have high rankings on your web pages. Before submitting your web pages to search engines, you must make sure that they are optimized for your important keywords and for the special search engine you target. If your web pages are prepared for a special search engine and for a special keyword then it's much more likely that your web site will receive high rankings.

  • The more sites that link to you, the more traffic you can expect to receive to your site.
  • More and more major search engines will rank your pages higher (High Page Rank) when you have many links to your site (i.e., your link popularity).
  • Thus, Increasing the number of quality links to your web site is the most efficient technique involved in Link Popularity to increase the traffic to your web site and boost your search engine rankings. The quality and quantity of links with other web sites allows you to increase your link popularity.

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